Registration Open

Registration is now open for MUNPH3 to be held on Friday 1 November 2013.  Please submit the registration form via the Register tab.  Briefing papers for the various topics will be available by the September long weekend and dates for the submission of position papers and resolutions will be given in due course.  We look forward to welcoming old and new friends to Penicuik in November.




We are pleased to announce that our 3rd Model United Nations Conference will take place on Friday 1st November.  Please note that this is five weeks later than we have traditionally held our conference.  More details will follow in due course.

When all is said and done…

MUNPH2 is over!  Hope all the delegates that attended our conference had an enjoyable and productive day.

I hope you were as enthralled as we were by Prof Wendy Graham’s amazing and thought-provoking speech on maternal health in LEDCs.  It was great to hear from someone working on the front-line to try and help achieve one of the most important of the Millennium Development Goals.  If you’d like to find out more about her work, follow this link to Immpact International.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Penicuik for MUNPH3 in approximately one year’s time!  In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll meet again at other MUN conferences where there is more debating to be done.

Briefing papers

Most of the briefing papers are now available and the others will be added by the end of the week.  For new delegates, please do make use of the Resolution Writing Guide and the Delegate’s Handbook to be found under the ‘Info for Delegates’ tab.  It contains lots of information about how to MUN!  If you have any questions, our chairs are very approachable and won’t mind you dropping them an e-mail for some advice, or even to arrange what sweeties they like best for you to bring on the day!

Topics for debate are now available on the Committees page.  Countries will be allocated once registrations are in, and briefing papers will be added in June once exam leave is over.


After a hugely successful first conference in September 2011, with around 140 delegates from 11 schools engaged in high quality debate on a wide range of issues, we are delighted to announce that MUNPH 2 will take place on Friday 28th September 2012.   We look forward to welcoming old friends and new delegates to Penicuik for this event.

Preparation Help

Various files have been uploaded to the website over the last couple of weeks to help you with your preparation for our first MUN Conference.  Briefing papers for all the topics are on the Committees page and a Delegates’ Handbook and advice for writing position papers and resolutions can be found on the Info for Delegates page.  Good luck.


Our MUN group in school has decided on the topics for debate and these have been added to the Committees page so you can start to do some research for the conference.  Briefing papers will follow in June once senior pupils are back from exam leave.  Registration is open – simply fill in the online form or e-mail the details to [email protected] .